Hi friends!

In a world with so much negativity, I want to try and be a light. This is easier some days more than others, but hey I still human! But, I thought it would be fun to do a series on things I love! Starting us off is 20 21 things I love about being married!

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So I love:

  1. Praying together! K (Kason, if you are wondering!) and I started our marriage praying together and have thankfully continued to do so
  2. Reading the Bible together
  3. Having vibrant discussions on what we read, and ultimately what we believe as a couple
  4. Intimacy
  5. Our story (high school sweethearts turned military couple turned married right before Iraq deployment turned moved away from family and friends after return with K’s civilian job)
  6. That we have a history
  7. That we’ve grown up together- not in the sense from babies through adolescence, but from being high school sweethearts through adulthood, married life, and becoming parents
  8. Watching him love, nurture, and play with Kerrington
  9. Talking about our hopes and dreams for Kerrington
  10. Dreaming together for the future
  11. Making goals together
  12. Working towards those goals (paid off over $18,000 in debt in 2 years!)
  13. That he knows when I am upset and knows exactly when to either leave me alone or comfort me
  14. Laughing and being silly, we still act like kids sometimes…best ever.
  15. Work on TMD together, he knows how I need help with the business and genuinely enjoys spending that time with me
  16. Cooking and serving him- I love to feel that I take care of him
  17. Sharing in each others hobbies- K loves legos, I love to surprise him with legos. I love being creative, K encourages me when I pretend to be an artist 🙂
  18. Watching how hard he works at his job to provide for us
  19. That he always says yes to my crazy ideas or if I want to do something
  20. That he is my best friend!
  21. That we are independent as a couple. (We love having our own space and forming our own ideas and principles as a couple)