Happy Monday!

Two days until Christmas, who’s ready?! I am, I am!!

Yesterday husband and I baked some yummy banana bread for our neighbors and mail lady to spread some Christmas cheer! So naturally I wanted to share!

I found a standard recipe and exchanged a few things so that it would be healthier. For example did you know you can substitute apple sauce for butter? I also used whole wheat flour versus refined white flour. Lastly, I even scoured HEB for “organic” or “healthy” chocolate chips, I did this by looking at the ingredients, the particular bag I settled on had only 3 ingredients and I could pronounce ALL three! That’s a good indication that it’s not that bad for you!

Here’s the recipe, enjoy!


The key players…

The only thing I did not substitute was the brown sugar, I looked for organic brown sugar, but when I found it and it was over $6 for like half a cup I decided the kind I already had wasn’t really that bad!


Notice the brown cage-free eggs! I also found Mott’s applesauce Natural, so much better for you than the regular!


This recipe took literally 10 minutes to mix together, and pour into 5 mini loaf pans evenly! Make sure you don’t fill to the top as bread rises!



Bake at 325 for about 45 minutes!

Get some coffee and enjoy a slice (or three!)

Until next time y’all!

xoxo, Tamara