Happy Tuesday y’all!

Newsflash: I am a selfish person, I am impatient, and sadly sometimes I really do think it is all about me. And if we’re being totally honest, its more so always rather than sometimes.

The past few weeks I have been praying for God to use me in ways He hasn’t yet because I haven’t given Him the chance to.

I want a servant spirit. I am longing for a spirit who automatically thinks of others, and that God’s light shines through me so bright that no one questions who I truly believe in. I don’t want to be a part-time Christian, and certainly not a “Christian Atheist.” (Another amazing book I am reading by Craig Groeschel).

My husband and I recently read “Love Does” by Bob Goff, and then in Georgia at Pursuit 31 I heard him speak. His love for the Lord and others is contagious, y’all! He is truly on fire for God.

I want this.

I remember pouring out my heart to Kason several weeks ago about how I want to DO more, love more, show Jesus to more. I want to humbled in a way that can’t happen simply by fasting from spending extra money or watching t.v., I want to see how others who are less fortunate really live with my own eyes because I feel like I won’t ever truly be grateful for how amazing He is.

This past Saturday, our Sunday School class packed boxes for Operation Christmas Child. If you’re church does this project you know that the organization provides cardboard boxes (shoe box size) to churches and then the churches fill them with things for children in other countries who literally have nothing. Socks, pencils, coloring pages, soap, and small toys are just a few of the items you can include in your boxes.

However, for our class, we packed our boxes in plastic containers. So while packing them Saturday, I simply asked why we were using the plastic containers versus the ones provided because I noticed we actually had them.

The response was “because we were told they would be able to reuse the container for water.”

Y’all I literally felt something in my heart break. The kids that will receive these boxes live in a place with no running water, and they have to walk to a lake or other natural source and get water to use.

My first thought was, “I am SO ungrateful”.

In addition our Bible study leader, another friend, and our pastor are currently in South Africa looking for opportunities for future mission trips.

My heart is stirring like never before to DO something. Show others God’s love. To truly live for God and not myself or what I could get out of something. I don’t want it to be about me. I don’t want it to be about me. I don’t want it to be about me.

My goal for 2014 is to go on a mission trip. I want to be uncomfortable. I want to hurt for others. I want to serve others just like Jesus did and still does.

Last night I asked Kason if we could do another challenge. I want to think of 12 service projects we can do during 2014, put them each into envelopes and then each month “draw” one and then do that during that month.

I would LOVE for others to do this challenge with us! Hmm…Let’s call it “Project: Love Acts”

I just want to serve.

Will y’all help us think of some service projects we can do?!

xoxo, Tamara