Hi Friends!

We are rounding out our week of sharing Kerrington’s birth story and journey in the NICU with our sweet lifestyle session with Alyse French Photography! We are so in love, obsessed, and over-the-moon with these images.

It’s crazy how her birth and NICU days seem like such a distant memory when they were only a few short weeks ago, but we are enjoying getting settled as a family of three, well four to me ’cause I count Daisy May as one!

I have learned to do so much with one hand it’s crazy, and am learning quickly to take full advantage of nap times to get things done! 🙂

Alyse captured some beautiful detail shots of just Snow’s nursery which for the most part is mama-made, but I love how it turned out so much I am going to save those images for a blog post just for her nursery!

So for today it’s all about being at home with Snow!

All images by Alyse French Photography!








Thank you so much Alyse for these images! I’ll take one of each in a canvas 🙂

Happy Friday friends!

xoxo, Tamara