Hey hey!!

2012 is starting off with a bang! We are so delighted with every opportunity that has already come our way in these first 7 days of the new year! More on that later!

For now, I must update some of our posts!

We’re gonna step back just a few months and post one of our favorite shoots to date, our “Til Death Do Us Part” shoot that was                                                                                published on Halloween over on The Wedding Wire blog! 

Sarah(e.Evans) and I had been talking about this shoot atleast a good 3-4 months, we were so excited to do something so completely out of the box (especially for our area)!

We (Sarah e. Evans Photography and Us) enlisted some of the most talented vendors:

Glenda Little of Dressy Designs– for our stationary

Ashly Black of Something Beautiful Hair and Make-up: to goth-glam our model

Dawneen Hebert of Artistic Confections: for our uniquely perfect cake

Russ Furry of REF Video Productions: to highlight the awesome of the shoot

 Abby Saunders of Lovelay Etsy shop: for our perfect hair accessory

 Natalie Harris of Natalie Harris Bridal and Evening: for the absolute perfect gown.

My inspiration for the design and styling was high-glam, I wanted crows, I wanted gold, and I wanted a almost a haunted feel, but not so scary that no one could appreciate the beauty that came from all of our hard work!

Here are some of my favorite shots of the oh-so-fabulous Sarah e. Evans Photography

We also went to a second location, an old-tired falling apart plantation home to style a fantastic “goth-bride” bridal session.

Yea, those are crows ON her, but don’t worry no animals were harmed in the making of our shoot 🙂 !! 

Check out the crazy awesome video that REF Video put together of the shoot!


‘Til Death Do Us Part Teaser from REF Video Productions on Vimeo.