This story begins with a simple introduction.

I was having lunch with Christi Eddins of Beaumont Catering, and she mentioned a family friend of hers and  suggested we head down to the new Ella+Scott boutique. First off the clothes at Ella+Scott are insanely in style and oh-so-chic, but still very affordable. A couple of months after we met, Jamie (the boutique owner) messaged me on facebook asking if I could re-design the back room where her dressing rooms and additional clothing are. Of course I jumped on the opportunity and began brainstorming after our first initial design consultation.

On “D-day” (“Design Day” here at TMD!) We moved out the inventory and began almost with a blank slate! Jamie’s husband and a carpenter friend began installing our reclaimed wood for an accent wall!

Before of Ella+Scott Boutique in Beaumont, Texas

Next step install crystal chandelier to juxtapose the rustic qualities of the weathered wood. (plus what girl doesn’t want a little something sparkly!)  We also installed the galvenized pipes from the ceiling where the clothes would hang neatly, adding just a touch of the industrial! We used the same pipes that are used in the front of the store to tie the two spaces together.

Ella+Scott Boutique Beaumont, Texas

Next step, add Ella+Scott’s new inventory! Our theory behind this area was one stop shop! You can pick out a fantastic top, perfect jeans, a new pair of shoes and a great bag all in one space of the store.

Ella+Scott Boutique- Beaumont, Texas

We also added in some mirrors that all have a touch of gold in them for an accent!

For the other side of the space, we staged this fabulous area with an old rickety ladder I painted GOLD, an antique quilt box I restained, a new image of the boutique’s signage that I enlarged and also customized the frame, and a chair that I repainted and reupholstered. I finished off the space with Jamie’s inventory!

Ella+Scott Boutique Beaumont, Texas

Here’s just a little before and after of our chair project!

Make sure yall head to Ella+Scott’s and tell them we sent ya! They are always adding new inventory in the store!

Hope you enjoyed and don’t forget to leave me some blog love yall!