Hey yall! Its FINALLY my most favorite time of year!! Holiday season! For this holiday season I wanted to do something new, make several youtube videos!

Check out my very FIRST video!


Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas! This time of year also signifies the return of the  Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks, have you gotten yours yet?!                                     (I’ve probably already had about 6!)

I grew up in a home where Halloween wasn’t celebrated, I never even got to go trick or treating! Most people say “aww how sad!” Ha!  We celebrated “Fall” not Halloween, however now as an adult I can branch out and spread my wings (if you will) and have fun designing decor elements for my home, that have nothing to do with the blood and guts my parents shielded me from that a lot of people associate with Halloween!

Halloween Mantel Design 2011

I am all about gold right now! Therefore I thought…hmm.. Gold PUMPKINS! I wanted them to look as though they are spilling out from the fireplace. Tons of different sizes helped me to be able to fill in spaces to make it look like a one big gold pumpkin lovin extravaganza! Just a few pumpkins were embellished with some high end sequined lace!

Halloween Mantel Decor 2001

To achieve an ecclectic look I went through my house and found different types of candle sticks and candelabras, more pumpkins, and several different types of fabrics to add the texture that I wanted!

And how much do you love my crows!!

I absolutely love how this turned out! I wanted to show that Halloween can also be an upscale and elegant holiday to decorate for. It does not necessarily have to be skeletons and black cats! I hope you are inspired by my design for your own homes!

Please email me your pictures to tamara@tamaramenges.com I would love to feature YOUR decor on here!

Halloween Mantel Decor 2011