Happy Tuesday!

Be still my heart y’all. God is doing some pretty amazing things with no tv november and no spend november.

In the beginning I thought well this isn’t that bad, we just have more time to truly be in the moment. But, the past few days have been so good. So full of life, laughter, and love.

We traveled to Pensacola for our first destination wedding, and we always pack the car together but theres a new sense of teamwork in the air. I can’t explain it, but its really cool.

On our drive we worked through all the questions in the new Southern Wedding V6 magazine! They are SO fun, and thought provoking and provided hours of discussion and laughter. So amazing. Get your copy today!

During our trip, Kason learned how to make bouquets, in addition to ALL of the other help he usually gives me.

And oh my word y’all if I had a quarter for every time someone complimented him, well we could make a pretty good dent in those student loans we’re about the start paying on! 🙂

I wanted to cry like a baby when someone would tell me how amazing he was, or he did this for them or that. My heart is on fire for how much loves TMD,  and not just in a “supportive” way, but in a sense of ownership and true partnership way.

My cup runneth over y’all.

I feel that God is using this month to show us joy in the simplest of ways.

The past two nights we have literally played Legos, in the floor of our living room. It has been so fun! Kason loves legos, and I love that we have a tradition of stopping by the Lego store after our Houston weddings! He’s gonna be such a great dad y’all!

I also feel like we listen to each other more. We have always had great communication, but with no t.v. on, I feel like I hear what he’s telling me on a deeper level. Even if its just his prediction on the storyline of Walking Dead. It fires him, and I get fired up listening to him get so excited on “what could happen”.

This I believe is what we were to learn from this month, and I can’t wait to see what goes down in the next 11 days, and every day there after!

xoxo, Tamara