Happy Thursday y’all!

So yesterday I was in need a refresher! Ya know those days when you feel like you just need something fresh and updated? Even if its something small.

I’m the kind of girl who has expensive taste, I am incredibly picky (when it comes to bedding and shower curtains for some reason), and I want to get the look thats in my head but I hate spending money! I can talk myself out of buying most things when it comes to personal items.

However yesterday since I already told you I needed a refresher, I decided it was time to update our bedroom. Since I am so picky, I was really surprised when I found the bedding at TJ MAXX for only $89! I noticed that it had the teal (which is a prerequisite for my style!) so I could use our current headboard that I made way back when we first moved in.

After that I headed to Target (just a few steps away!) and found inexpensive lamps, a throw, a bedskirt, and curtain panels to tie together!

Here’s a honest confession: I often get design “project” ideas, buy what I need to do it, then come home and have already lost interest so it sits around forever until I “find time” to do it, which is sadly enough is sometimes never (just ask the pretty glass tile I bought for our bathroom weeks ago!)

So to break that cycle, I purchased those ready-made curtain panels (I have a preference of making my own) and the other elements, came home (to a messy house) and beasted out our new bedroom in less than two and a half hours! I cleaned, I dusted, I put away, I ironed the bedskirt, curtains, and pillow shams, and even cut some fresh flowers for the night stand table! I had 45 minutes to spare before hubby came home to light a candle and spray the room down with febreeze. Ahhh.

So what does it look like? Check it out!





┬áDo y’all like it? I sure do!

xoxo, Tamara