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Neutral Garden Bouquet | tamaramenges.com/blog

Happy Wednesday! It’s finally cooling off here in Texas, sort of. When I say cooling off I mean the days are only hitting 93-94 degrees instead of 103-104. So clearly it’s still hot and not anywhere close to boot weather, regardless my feelings that it should be as soon as the calendar hits September 1 each year. I digress.

Today is a piggy back post to our design challenge from last week!

We had enough floral left over from our surprise order we received, so I had fun working on this bouquet!

Since I am pretty much self-taught in floral design, I tend to think there’s nothing more I can teach myself. I fear that I can’t grow unless I figure out how to pay big bucks to attend a workshop where I can learn from veteran professionals who have been in the business for decades and know more mechanics than I could ever dream of.

The reality is is sometimes I just overthink it. I concentrate too hard to try and achieve a certain look instead of letting the piece I am working on happen organically to take shape.

For this bouquet I decided to push fear aside. There was no bride I needed to please who was paying me to create her wedding bouquet that would be captured in photography that would last a lifetime. This bouquet was justĀ  about fueling my creativity, and show myself what can happen if I don’t overthink how to construct a certain style all while introducing myself to new types of floral.


Neutral Garden Bouquet | www.tamaramenges.com/blog

My favorite elements of this bouquet are the clematis and the double hellebores! They are so dreamy!

Neutral Garden Bouquet | www.tamaramenges.com/blog

Until next time!

xoxo, Tamara