Happy Tuesday yall!

WOW! 2012 started off with a bang! We hit the ground running once the new year started! We are so thrilled with the opportunities that have come our way so far!

The year started off with our work in PRINT! As most of you know we along with Sarah e. Evans Photography were approached to put together an editorial shoot for the January “wedding” issue of VIP magazine (more on the shoot to come!!)

Also, our ad in Weddings in Houston magazine hit the stands as well!

We then had the opportunity to do a shoot with Nhan Photography! We were so excited to meet and work Nhan, as he is a very recognized photographer in the Houston area and beyond!

After several meetings throughout the week after that shoot, was Amy Parker’s wedding at The Neches Room! We were in great company with Beaumont Catering, Jonathan Martin (The best DJ in Town), This Cake’s For You, Bellafotografica, and Keepsake Memories (Photo booth)!

Here’s a room shot of the reception decor we did (more images to come soon)!

"Rustic Winter Wonderland"

The following weekend consisted of a “Vintage Tea Party” wedding! Angela was the PERFECT bride to pull of the “vintage” and she was so beautiful!

Here’s a quick shot of their reception decor at The Neches Room, once again!

Vintage Tea Party at The Neches Room

Our next project was a blast! A “surfing” inspired little girl’s room! I’m just ecstatic with how it turned out!

This past weekend we were honored to participate in TWO styled photo shoots with a couple of our favorite photographers!

Saturday, was an outdoor boudoir shoot with the oh-so-fab Archetype Studio Inc.       (images to come soon!)

Sunday, was a “dreamy” bridal session inspired by our favorite “love” holiday that is quickly approaching with Sarah e. Evans Photography! (those images to come soon as well!)

All through-out these fabulous “projects” we (I, talking personally now) have balanced starting back to school full-time, Bible study, teaching dance, starting an internship for school (and my resume)…oh and who can forget “attempting” to continue to be a devoted and loving wife!

Luckily, I have one super incredible and {patient} husband, who has been at almost every one of these events right by my side helping me in every way I ask!

Even, though the month technically ends today, we are counting tomorrow as the end of our month, we were SOO honored that our friends at TwoBeWed in Houston, invited us to be the exclusive designer and florist for an Open-house/Bridal Show at the Belvedere which is Tomorrow Night!

Come see us!

Whew! Im so thankful to my Lord that He has guided my hands (in creating) and my mind (to keep me sane and continually creative) to get me {us} through this fabulous but “Crazy Month”

Let the craziness continue!

xoxo, Tamara