Hey yall! What a beautiful Sunday afternoon today huh?!

Since I am school for Interior Design, and will ultimately be incorporating that into my business one day professionally, I wanted to share with yall my new dining room project.

I am so so proud of this space, primarily because I actually have color! The funny thing is that those that know me know Im quite “colorful”, you really dont know what idea will come out of my mouth next…however our house is completely and totally BEIGE! Our walls are beige, our furniture is beige, our flooring is a dark espresso (or a really dark beige!), our window treatments are mostly beige…It’s quite comical actually! Lately I have begun to feel trapped in “safe” zone and have had no idea how to get out of it!

until… I found the most beautiful shabby chic buffet at an antique store in Galveston. We have established in prvious posts I have become quite obsessed with vintage and antique. So when I found the buffet waaay in the back of the store buried under countless “nicknacks” I knew that piece was headin home with me, and would be what I designed our entire room around!

Shabby Chic buffet

 From that buffet I began to search for the perfect ways to accent it. I knew I wanted to cover our main wall in fabric, just finding the perfect print proved to be a several hour long venture. I knew what I wanted but I didnt know exactly what I wanted to look like…if that makes any sense at all! I finally came across a beautiful linen with an aqua damask pattern (although the background is beige!) When we got it home, it matched perfectly with our wall color which would be flanking the main wall, and thats how I knew it was meant to be!


I wanted to keep our dining room light and airy, we layed our dark espresso wood flooring ourselves a couple of years ago, and I never thought to paint our dining table which is the same color as the floor so it really gets “lost”.  

A couple of weeks ago I started thinking I wanted a new table, but Im super cheap and I did not want to get rid of our table. I bought it way before we got married when I moved into my first apartment so I guess Im just sentimental with it plus its the perfect size for our small dining room. Long story short, I thought hmm…what if I make it look like our  new buffet?!

So I started searching for “distressing” instructions, and actually had a friend who referred me to a website out of Houston who teaches classes…thankfully she had written an e-book on each step of the process so I purchased the how-to and made my way to Home Depot! (one of my very favorite stores!)

 Because the fabric didnt quite reach the eadges of the wall due to the excess waste of matching up the pattern, I had wall exposed. Started thinking about how to fix it, I found the widest molding in stock (6inches) and we “framed” out the accent wall. I also got a thinner more decorative traim as well…

Once we got the bigger molding up we ran into angle problems with the decorative molding, so my husband suggested using the decorative corner pieces for the corners. Due to the slanted ceiling the top molding could not lay flat. GENIOUS idea, especially since those decorative pieces are already on the doors in the dining room!

Im a girl who loves power tools!

Time to start putting it back together again! I added white sheers on our french doors for texture!

Remember the dark brown table? this is the same one!


So now that Ive only given you little tid-bits of the finished product heres a nod to the before…blah and beige…

and heres my “after” light and dreamy, and I can seriously just stare at my latest project for hours in absolute accomplishmentness (its my new word, Ill make sure its in the dictionary by next year!)

Thanks for visiting! Hope yall enjoyed!