Hi friends!

twelve things you didn't know about me | tamaramenges.com

If you’ve followed me on social media for a while, or read a couple of our blog posts you know that I’m fairly transparent about faith, marriage, motherhood, and business. So it’s obvious that I love Jesus, I’m obsessed with my husband and little Snow baby, and that I love working with beautiful blooms for couple’s first day as husband and wife.

For whatever reason it’s easier for me spill my guts behind this screen than it is for me to be the first person to say hi when I come face to face with someone I have never met before, but I guess that’s part of what makes me, me.

So what’s not so obvious? I thought it would be fun to share some light-hearted little tidbits about myself for anyone who is curious! 🙂

1. As much as I love being a mama now, I didn’t start out that way. Check THIS POST out to find out more. So this one isn’t so much light-hearted, but the rest are

2. I consider myself a chocolate connoisseur. Like for real. I hate milk chocolate, so we’re talking dark chocolate here. I’ve tried tons of brands, all the way to 90% cacao (I don’t recommend trying this!) The love for dark chocolate runs deep. My absolute favorites? Godiva and Dove. There’s almost always a bag of the individual wrapped Dove chocolates in our freezer.

3. I’m a serial hobbyist/crafter. I love anything from sewing, to painting, to building. I LOVE finding new things to do or learn. I stumbled upon the website CreativeBug. They have a million different videos teaching various arts and crafts. Mercy, if l had nothing to do during the day, you better bet I’d be gettin’ my craft on all day, everyday. #makersgonnamake

4. I like to pretend I’m an artist. Even though I’m not. I love art! But I’m cheap, so I like to pretend I can create art for our home that looks as good as the ones I find for inspiration!

5. If I had a dollar for every “new business” idea, I’d have enough money to fund the startup costs for all my ideas. No joke friends, I think of a new business atleast 2 times a week. I got so fired up about a homemade soap company one time, that I literally had a room full of dried out petals that were going to be added to the soaps. Needless to say, they ended up in the trash like 4 months after taking up space.

6. I almost spent a summer in New York City interning with a wedding magazine. I applied for the Martha Stewart Internship program as well as another magazine. I got interviewed for both, and then offered the internship with the second while waiting to hear back from Martha Stewart. I decided to be bold in trusting the Lord with my original prayer to work for Martha Stewart, that I turned down the other offer. I didn’t get accepted into the MS program, but trusted God’s plan. I grew a lot in my faith that summer after praying boldly, even though God’s answer wasn’t what I wanted it to be.

7. I have to eat small snacks in two’s. Goldfish, teddy grahams, little candies. One on each side of my mouth. How weird is that?

8. My favorite smarties are the white ones. Their texture is different. Can’t make this stuff up y’all.

9. I danced in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade my junior year of highschool after winning All-American at a dance camp.

10. I trained my entire adolescence to be a Kilgore College Rangerette. From dance classes with highly-esteemed teachers and coaches to working with trainers, to traveling across the state to attend workshops. But a major car accident my senior year of highschool that required hip surgery for torn cartilage impaired my ability to get my kicks high enough to make the team. I even tried out two years in a row, the second time after working even harder with a weight trainer, and high-kicking day after day with ankle weights.

11. I’m half Norwegian. Therefore, I am obsessed with all things Vikings, the real Vikings. Not the football team. We’re a Cowboys household. #howboutthemcowboys

12. I love power tools. I dream of one day having a workshop and being able to build things for our home.

Now it’s your turn! What’s something silly you’d love to tell share?!

xoxo, Tamara