Hi Friends!

Image by Crystal Roberts Photography

Image by Crystal Roberts Photography

I know, I know it’s been a little while since I’ve written, but I’ve had a one track mind getting things ready for Kerrington Snow’s nursery before our Spring wedding season started (which officially started last Saturday!)

Today I want to share some things I’ve learned so far in our 25 weeks of pregnancy!

1. You’re technically 2 weeks pregnant before you actually conceive. What? This blew my mind in the beginning, but then I thought well hey it’s get me further along to the second trimester when they tell you the nausea goes away and energy returns. Thankfully this was true for me.

2. Bleeding in early pregnancy doesn’t always mean a miscarriage. Y’all I had 3 ultrasounds within 2 weeks at 5, 6, and 7 weeks because I kept bleeding. A lot of times you can bleed after being intimate because things are a bit more sensitive, but for me I had what they called a “subchorionic hemorrhage” which they also called an “implantation bleed”. All the books and certainly dr. google (never ever google issues that come up, please just take my word for it) only point you towards how it’s most likely a miscarriage and there is nothing you can do, but wait. Well I am here to offer a bit of hope friends, it doesn’t ALWAYS mean that. Try to stay calm, trust in the Lord and His plan, and call your doc or midwife to see what they want you to do.

3. Pregnancy brain is real y’all. I used to think this was an excuse, but a couple weeks ago I couldn’t figure out how to put my bra on! I’ve been doing it the same way for what like 15 years? The first 2 or 3 times it kept ending up backwards, or inside out. I got so frustrated, but now it’s just plain funny.

4. Pregnancy doesn’t suck. The movies, etc make pregnancy out to be some crazy horrible thing women go through and are miserable for 40+ weeks and terrible to be around, but for the most part the only discomfort I have had is my low back/hips hurt pretty bad after laying down for a few minutes until my muscles get warmed back up after moving around. Also some acid indigestion, but I’m about to cover that topic. I think for me it’s because I prepared my heart and mind for pregnancy, knew what to expect and obviously wanted to experience it. Sure, the rest of my pregnancy I could be miserable, or our next one could be completely different, but I choose to continue to trust the Lord will continue to provide a joyful experience.

5. Greek yogurt and/or milk before bed is a game changer. For a few nights in a row I had terrible acid in my throat when I would lay down for bed, and once even woke up in the middle of the night feeling awful from it. I remembered seeing something on pinterest or somewhere that said drink a glass of milk at bedtime to help. I’m not sure if it’s calcium in it or what, but I’ve been having both at bedtime for probably two weeks now, and I haven’t had trouble since. The greek yogurt is primarily because it’s a healthy snack with protein, probiotics, and carbs that will keep my body using for Snow through the night. Also, side note: I recently read calcium and magnesium also helps with muscle spasms or charlie horses that some women experience that occur during nighttime.

6. Maternity pants are the bomb.com.  In the beginning I thought I would have to wear leggings until Snow arrived, but my sweet friend Breanne lent me a couple pairs of maternity jeans, some tops, and dresses. They are without a doubt the best invention. ever. I used to wonder how women wore jeans, I thought they were just lucky and their normal pants fit, but I’ve been enlightened and will forever be a fan of the jeans that accommodate a baby bump.

Image by Crystal Roberts Photography

Image by Crystal Roberts Photography

Until next time friends!

xoxo, Tamara