Hi Y’all!

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I got Kason and I Unveiled Wife’s devotional books, Husband After God and Wife After God. We have tried devotional books in the past, but just never really stuck with them.

But, times are a’ changing y’all, and only the Lord can give us the will to want to learn more about Him and grow closer in our marriage.

The culture we live in today often makes fun of marriage and takes divorce quite lightly. Popular tv shows include a goofy dad and a domineering wife if they are portraying a “happy” marriage, and the ones that aren’t include all kinds of deceit and affairs that it’s honestly just alarming to me personally.

What airs on national television is obviously out of my control, but what isn’t is the amount of intentional work I can put into my marriage. Thankfully, I am blessed with a devoted husband, who even though isn’t a book guy, agreed and has ended up encouraging and leading our devotional time together.

God gave man the incredible gift of companionship through marriage, thus marking the beginning of an amazing love story.” – Wife After God, Jennifer Smith, Unveiled Wife

Wife After God and Husband after God are two individual books in which you as a wife could read and study it alone, or husbands can read and study their version alone. However, we have enjoyed reading, studying, and holding each other accountable simultaneously.

The books are both 30 days of devotionals and include short readings in God’s Word to begin, and then no more than 2.5 pages in the book of narrative and a prayer, followed by a challenge and a few questions to answer.

It’s honestly quite simple and informative without taking a large chunk of time to complete each day.

Some of the topics that are included are God’s purpose for marriage, the holiness of marriage, joy, pride, forgiveness, and having a submissive heart. (The word submit often throws people into a tizzy, but you might be surprised to learn that it’s not just for wives in relation to their husbands. We are all called to submit to the Lord. Jesus even did it.

There is a richness to this devotional that is encouraging to keep us moving forward. We are also planning to go through it again as we are thinking of looking for a few more devotionals and rotating them out!

When I look through magazines multiple times I always see different things I didn’t see the previous time, so I can only imagine what God will continue to reveal to us each time we go through this study!

Head over to Unveiled Wife and grab a copy! Your marriage will be blessed!

xoxo, Tamara