Happy Sunday yall!

Of course its Super Bowl Sunday, and I like many other wives am “with” my husband, but he is in football land {still pouting that the Cowboys aren’t playing} so I am writing a blog post reflecting on an amazing week.

This post has no pictures, its simply about the story. About how God revealed Himself to me in one of the biggest, in-my-face ways, and for that I am so incredibly grateful to be reminded that He is real and alive, and really listens to me.

Here goes…

Thursday morning I had an email from a wedding planner about a summer wedding, {for the last several months I have “said” I wasn’t going to book any summer weddings, because I wanted to do an internship in New York over the summer, but I have booked 3 weddings -1 in june, 2 in July} therefore, when I opened that email, I thought to myself “If I book another one, it would be completely impossible to fly home 4 times throughout the summer”.

I prayed and asked God to show me a sign, or show me something helping to know what decision to make on “should I not book” or “should I” basically just some clarification…after I finished I felt a peace about saying “no” and responded to the email with an explanation of why I was not available (the first time I actually stepped out on faith, and stopped worrying about whether or not NY was the “plan”….

Here. is. the. kicker…Just a few hours later, same day on Thursday I opened an email from my one June bride {who already paid her deposit, and signed a contract, everything}…that while she has really enjoyed working with me thus far, a family friend offered to do her flowers at a significantly lower price than what I quoted her for, and she obviously had to take the offer, so she would no longer be needing my services! ARE YOU JOKING?!!! Thank you Lord for your blatant answer!

I’m still not finished though yall!

The very next email was from another wedding planner who was emailing to let me know her bride accepted my floral proposal for her wedding in March, which doesn’t sound crazy until I tell you that the two invoices are within $30 of each other…Which means while God may have taken some income from me; He not only gave me the sign I prayed for, He opened my summer schedule for His amazing plan, AND He gave that income back to me in the form of another wedding and much sooner in the year…ALL in ONE day!

I am still so unbelievably floored and speechless! Of course I believe with my whole heart God is real and alive and listens to me, but oh my goodness! I love God, and I love that He loves me and continues to bless my business!

Happy Weekend yall!

xoxo, Tamara