Happy Friday!

How are we today? It’s the end of another week, almost the beginning of another weekend. Rest and relaxation for anyone? Hoping your answer is yes, friends!

For us, we have been scrambling to get things done in our new home so we can finally move in. What an exhausting journey this has been, but will soon be so worth it!

Today I am chatting about a fun, inventive, and cutting edge company Basic Invite!

If you know me really personally, then you know I love details! From the details that my favorite wedding planners come up with for our couple’s wedding days, to story-telling details in our home. (Just wait until you see our legacy gallery wall that I have spent months curating for our home!)

You also know I LOVE paper. Wrapping paper, handmade paper, invitations. I seriously bought my own invitations for my bridal shower (over ten years ago!) and gave them to my hostesses to print because I wanted specific ones!

And I also get so excited about new wrapping paper, that sometimes it actually pains me to use because I don’t want to run out! Ha! #slightlyneurotic? #maybe!

I’ve often heard wedding planners tell brides that their invitations and save-the-date announcements set the tone for their wedding. They are the first thing guests see so you want them to be reflective of how you want the big day to feel to them as well.

So when I began looking at Basic Invite’s website and what made them a fabulous company I knew I had to share with y’all!

  1. Instant gratification friends! So in our culture, we’ve grown accustomed to receiving everything as fast as possible. We get information from across the world literally within seconds anything happens, we can use a DVR or watch Hulu and Netflix so we don’t have to watch commercials, and how awesome is Amazon Prime! When you begin looking at options for your invites on Basic Invite you can view it instantly with your wording! How cool is that? No waiting for a designer to email you a proof!
  2. Wedding invitations and other big life events! While their wedding invitations are stunning, you can also find an array of other events to commemorate with beautiful quality invitations and announcements. From holiday cards, to showers and graduation announcements, and even business papergoods! What?! Welcome kits, brochures, and promotional pieces. I’m thinking a revamp of our marketing materials is in order!
  3. Almost unlimited colors! Color, color, I love color! Often times I have looked at invitations on other websites in the past and liked the design, but the color wasn’t right for what I was envisioning. With Basic Invite you can change the colors of a particular design to fit your color palette for your special event.
  4. Custom samples! Yes, custom sample printed of your very own invitation or announcement that you just completed designing with your favorite color and/or image! You can get a sample of it to hold and feel the texture, and see in real life before you place that order of 500 because you have to send one to all of your mom’s friends too. (Am I right?)
  5. Free address collection and printing! I do love a hand-lettered address envelope coming to me through snail mail, but sometimes it’s just not in the budget to have done. So let Basic Invite address them for you! Their simple and free address collective service is as simple as sharing a link, collecting your addresses, and having them printed free as well. Easy peasy y’all!

So there ya have it! Head on over to Basic Invite and peruse around their site. I am sure you will find the perfect invitation or announcement for that upcoming special event in your life. Or you know, you could find something you like and come up with some sort of celebration so you can use it. Not that I would ever do that…ok maybe I would, err I mean perhaps I have done that once or twice. 🙂

Side note: This is a sponsored post, but all the opinions and enthusiasm are completely my own.

Happy Friday friends!

Xoxo, Tamara