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Today I am chatting about something that has been on my heart for quite some time now, and that is my legacy. Building a legacy through God’s Word has become the most important thing I can do.

A legacy: something (as memories or knowledge) that comes from the past or a person of the past.

As parents we want often strive to work as hard as possible so our children can have what we didn’t, or be able to do things we couldn’t. We also want to set them up for success in life so we plan ahead financially for their college and weddings.

We also might strive to leave a legacy of good work ethic, compassion, and the like. All equally important. But there’s something that’s bigger, much bigger. And that’s hope in Jesus and a future of eternal life.

I recently realized this is my legacy to Kerrington Snow, and any other children the Lord blesses us with.

A faith that is unshakable and dependent on a consistent relationship with Him. It’s not how successful TMD is, and certainly not how many followers I have on Instagram.

I recently realized that a tangible part of my legacy is my Bible. Not only does it breath life into me, but I pray that one day Kerrington will recognize and find herself in these pages.

My Bible has over 10 years (and counting) of notes written in it. Some pages don’t have the tiniest of white space. The cover is beyond worn from years of toting with me. The color is now more white and grey where it was originally pink and black.

I’m often told I need a new one, and I’ve always simply responded with, “not until every single page is written on and there’s just no more room.”  I’ve always held my Bible close to my heart for personal reasons, but recently the Lord whispered to my heart that my Bible is so much more than just mine. He whispered that it will be the most important item I can gift Kerrington after He calls me Home (hopefully many decades from now.)

Since the Lord spoke to my heart about my (intangible) faith and my (tangible) Bible being the best legacy I can pass on I now have a fresh sense of urgency to take even more extensive notes on each of the tissue paper thin pages.

I now picture Kerrington reading through my Bible once it becomes hers and holding it close to her heart. Feeling the same sort of excitement when something makes sense or connects as I do when I make the notes now.

I want her to recognize that her mama took her Bible very seriously, and we respect God’s Word. That nothing is ever placed on top of it, and it is used and studied every single day. I pray Kerrington won’t be able to remember a day when she didn’t see her mama with her Bible.

I want her to know that each word in His Word is alive and can give her understanding and comfort in those times when she can no longer snuggle in close while sitting in my lap. I want her to hear me whisper that everything will be alright, because as long as she keeps her eyes on Jesus it always will be.

How are you currently building a legacy for your littles? I’d love to know!

xoxo, Tamara