Oh mercy I have a special heart for my sweet friend Lara Casey. I have met her, listened to her, read her posts, and been blessed to pray with her. She is one of the most transparent people that God allows His word to reach so many through. Seriously, she’s incredible. And if you know me personally and had more than one conversation with me you know I have most likely referenced her, Southern Weddings magazine and their ginormous heart and mission for marriage, or one of her amazing products.

But this post isn’t about her. It’s about Him, and I know that’s exactly the way she wants it.


She recently changed the name of her shop from Lara Casey Shop to Cultivate What Matters, and not only does it clearly communicate their purpose in the most perfect way, but it fires me up in a way that this tired mama really needs right now.

One of my favorite pieces is my Write The Word journal, I use it everyday during naptime to dig into the Word, seek true rest and a refreshing sense of “I can make it until daddy gets home,” and to write down any struggles or praises for that day. This has been the first time I have been successful at keeping a prayer journal. I have tried countless times, as the number of “started” new journals can attest to, but the Write The Word journal is so different and it is such a joy to grab it along with my Bible as soon as I walk out of Kerrington’s room before collapsing on the couch.

I also love the Power Sheets! When I am intentional about preparing for the month ahead I feel ready to conquer the world. No joke. I use my power sheets for everything. Some use them just for business, but I roll everything into mine. I set meaningful goals for family budgeting, grocery shopping as well as intentional time with Kason and lots of play time with Kerrington, and even to help me stay focused on blogging, and even set goals with scripture memorization. I love that they are so versatile in that way! Whatever is meaningful to you, whatever makes you excited for the day, or for the month or year ahead you can work towards those things with the Power Sheets!

If you are curious about more specific details about Power Sheets and to answer the question, “are these for me?” check out the product page HERE and you can find out all there is to know!


P.S. I have already picked out my word for 2017 (celebrate!) a few months ago because I realized a couple big milestones happening next year (like our 10 year wedding anniversary and turning 30!) so when I saw my words happens to be in gold foil in the new set, I got all the “feels” y’all!

Stickers!! Y’all! Sticckkkkerrrss! (My inner 8 year old self, ya know the one with the side ponytail pulled up with a hot pink scrunchie who had every Spice Girls song memorized, can barely handle these!) These are going to be SO fun to add to my new powersheets!


So friends, what do you want to make happen today? Tomorrow? Or throughout next year?

My favorite question Lara always asks is “what will matter to you when you’re 80?”

So I ask you, what will matter to you? If what you might be struggling with today or tomorrow (like for me, how come my posts don’t get hundreds of likes?) won’t matter, then I am praying that we can both learn to lay those down at Jesus’ feet. I am praying fervently that I look only to Him for fulfillment because only He can fill my heart and soul up in a way that not even my sweet adoring husband can. Only He can give me the strength to carry on and to feel the acceptance I so desperately want.

I don’t know about you, but I am ready to make big things happen in 2017. To truly celebrate life and each of the moments that the Lord allows me to be part of, no matter how small. And that celebrating starts today. As Lara also says, “there’s nothing magical about January 1,” so jump in today friends. All you have to do is start.

Here’s to cultivating what really matters. Let’s get to it y’all!

In His love, Tamara

P.S. This post contains affiliate links, but all opinions are mine, and in my own words!