Hi there fitness friends!

How did y’all like our 4 week ab series?! Easy ways to get those abs in shape as swim suit season is fast approaching!

Today we’re back in “equipment” mode with bicep curls! You can still do these at home with free weights or dumbbells purchased from any sporting store, Wal-Mart, even estate sales for a steal!

Who doesn’t want pretty arms, eh? Let’s get to it!

Starting position: Pay attention to where my elbows are, they are in line with my sides (or rib area) not pulled backward poking behind me.

Image by BellaFotografica

Image by BellaFotografica

Keeping my elbows pulled forward (and keeping my entire upper arm still- from my shoulder to my elbow) just pull the barbell up.

Image by BellaFotografica

Image by BellaFotografica

And that’s that y’all!

Like I mentioned earlier you can do these with dumbbells as well you just have two weights versus one.

3 sets of 15 reps, starting light for a warm-up then going up in weight each set. I just went up to the 40lb barbell. Pretty excited about that y’all!

xoxo, Tamara