Hi mamas!


Mercy, being a new mama or even a veteran mama with multiple littles can just about zap all your energy some days. It’s totally worth it, don’t get me wrong, but none-the-less that energy you might have first thing in the morning sometimes ends up short winded.

It never fails though, for me atleast, the days when my energy falters are the same days I don’t put any effort into “starting the day.” The days when I decide not to atleast freshen my overnight top-knot, or I don’t wash my face and put just a smidge of makeup on.

Slowly, but surely, I have figured out the days I feel more capable of taking on the world that is motherhood, running the household (read: laundry, dishes, cooking, grocery shopping, etc) and then hoping to have a little energy left over to love on my sweet husband at the end of the day are the days when I intentionally pull myself together.

Here are my simple super quick tips that help me start my day!

1. Time in The Word. The first thing I do in the morning, before checking email or social media is open up my First 5 app. Created by Proverbs 31 Ministry, the First 5 app is a quick way to spend time in God’s Word. It’s essentially spending your first 5 minutes to get your day started. Quick, easy, but effective.

I also love, love, love Lara Casey’s Write The Word Journal. It’s such a beautiful way to get into God’s Word, and there is also plenty of space to share what’s on your heart after you read and write the scripture for the day. I personally use mine as soon as naptime starts! (p.s. if you hang in until the end, I might be giving away a Write The Word Journal!)

2. Wash yo face! I just mixed up this homemade facial scrub, and I’m not gonna lie, it feels pretty luxurious. It’s wonderful what soft smooth skin can do for the way this girl feels about herself.

3. Get dressed. Mercy, even before Kerrington was born I was the girl who would throw on workout clothes or just leave them on after a workout. (wait, what? Did I just confess that to the world, surely there’s only maybe 2 people reading this!) Now, I make a point to get dressed in real clothes. Even the days Snow baby and I stay home, I still get dressed.

4. Put on makeup. Even if it’s just my foundation mixed with moisturizer, and a little mascara I try to put something on. But for fun, I do enjoy a vibrant splash of lip color!

5. Choose to be excited for the day. I make sure to smile the biggest smile when I go into Kerrington’s room after hearing, ‘maammaaa” once she wakes up and promptly say, “good morning love bug!” Then I scoop her up in my arms and get lots of sugars!

Ok, so these aren’t life changing revelations about the secret to a happy life. But, these simple steps certainly do take my days from, “blah, I’m bored, I need to go buy something to make myself feel better,” to “yay! Kerrington, do you want to help mama go grocery shopping?!” (No joke, sister loves going to grocery store.)

It’s the little things, friends.

What do you do without fail every morning to get moving for the day?

Let me know below, and I will draw for a winner of Write The Word Journal!


Until next time y’all,

xoxo, Tamara