I’m so excited to share Cultivate What Matters summer collection launch today! They are launching a few new products, but you can also still get 6 month set of Power Sheets as well! If you are interested in what those are, check out this post!

One of their new products is Fruitful Friendship!

To be painfully transparent, making friends is hard for me! I’ve never really had a ton of girlfriends, and most times I feel content with just being by myself if I’m out in town, and just hanging out at home with Kason. I’m not a fan of small talk and it just feels too awkward to ask deep questions to really get to know someone. When I am with other girls I feel like I’m constantly fighting this battle of, “am I talking too much, am I being too quiet, do I add something to what their saying,” etc.

Before we moved to College Station, we were part of a Community Group, and I adored spending time with the wives and mamas in our group. They taught me so much, but it took me so long to feel comfortable being myself.

In the past, I had two different fairly good friendships both with wedding photographers, we would talk all the time, do styled shoots together, hangout, you name it. Then one day they just stopped talking to me. They were a couple years a part, but mercy those ended friendships still affect me today and they were both several years ago. I still question what I did to lose those friendships. Perhaps I did nothing, but I feel that I have guarded my heart because I don’t want to chance making a close friend then losing them again!

All that to say, is here we are in a new town. I have a new opportunity to make new friends. To let go of fear and dig deep to hopefully find some new long-lasting friends and I am looking forward to putting Cultivate What Matters Fruitful Friendships to the test!

The few, but close friends I do have that I hold close to my heart are the ones who share Jesus with me! The ones who pray with me, ask me for prayers, and share life with me. There’s only a handful, but I am so grateful for them, and I am eager to find some new friends in our new town!

Some details of the Fruitful Friendship are:

  • 7 x 10 inches
  • 52 pages of teaching and activities
  • Full-color pages and full page images throughout
  • Soft-touch cover

A few other new products are the Parents Companion Goal Guide! It is designed to work in conjunction with the 6 month Power Sheets, so make sure to grab your copy of those!

The Parents Companion guide is perfect to set intentional goals for what matters most for the entire family!


  • 6 x 8 inches
  • 20 pages of activities and conversation prompts
  • Full color pages throughout
  • Soft-touch cover with die cut sprout

There is also a summer bundle promotion!! This is so good y’all!

Set meaningful summer goals and grow meaningful friendships this season.

  • 2017 PowerSheets Six-Month Intentional Goal Planner in White
  • Fruitful Friendships Workbook
  • Fruitful Summer Encouragement Postcard Set
  • Take the Leap Gold Foil Mini Print

This is valued at $76, but it is on sale for $65!

How many friendships can you cultivate by sending on of these gorgeous postcards that you can get in with bundle or separately!

So much Fruitful Summer goodness y’all! I’m ready to get an order placed, are you?!

The new collection goes live 10am ET Today!!

Here’s to an intentional summer full of cultivating meaningful relationships and friendships!

In His love, Tamara

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links, but all the (!!) and enthusiasm is all my own! I love these products and personally recommend them as I use them myself!