Hi friends!

scripture post

I’ve been wanting to write this post for quite some time. I know the Lord has been prompting me to share it, but for procrastination reasoning (just being honest) I haven’t, until now.

I guess maybe I hate (read: am scared) to admit some of the things I need to in order to shine light on God’s power. But I pray that perhaps this can help another mama out there.

Impatience. Desperation. Selfishness. Anger. All have been emotions I have encountered in my journey thus far in mama hood. I hate the last one more than I can eloquently explain, but it has been a very real emotion for me. It never fails too, I am my absolute worst in the wee hours of the night (or morning, you pick.) The “rational” me knows that crying is a baby’s way of communicating they need something, but at 12, 2, 3:15, and 4:08 am the “irrational” gives way to feeling sorry for myself and has caused some pretty harsh reactions from lack of sleep.

One night, however, a few months ago I felt the Lord’s presence in the most tangible way that snapped me out of the frustrated, desperate for sleep, anger ball that I had inevitably turned into yet again. I felt the Lord whisper to me, “Memorize my Word, use it as a tool to help you through these frustrating times.”

I had always believed I was incapable of memorizing scripture, even though the real reason was just pure laziness. That changed that night.

The next morning I began to work on memorizing scriptures that I could recite in those moments of frustrating desperation to arm myself against Satan. You see the enemy wants to steal our joy. He wants to make the rough days (and even just mere moments) outweigh the good ones, and he thrives when we give him the power to do so.

But there is hope my friend.

God’s Word is alive and oh so powerful. You can memorize and repeat it to yourself, or aloud over and over…and over again until you can feel that grip from the enemy loosen in your heart.

Since that night I have memorized several scriptures. When baby doesn’t sleep well, cries all the way to Houston (1.5 hours) for what seems like no reason at all, or when she flips out when I try to get her dressed, I have the best weapon of defense. His Word. And can you believe it, I have not become blood-boiling angry or wanted to curl in a ball since I felt the Lord prompt me to memorize scripture! Yes I still get frustrated, but I have trained myself to immediately recite a verse to prevent emotional escalation.

Praise Him friends!

Just try one scripture! Write it several times over, download an app like Scripture Typer, or recite it until you have it memorized, then put it to use! Pray it aloud or say it to yourself anytime you feel overwhelmed or discouraged. Don’t give Satan the power to make you feel helpless, give God the power to give you strength!

I have created some scripture cards you can print out and use to work on memorization! Just download, print, and cutout!


xoxo, Tamara