Hi friends!

I have an exciting post today, our friends at WeWork reached out and invited me to share a peek inside our studio, and also share a little tidbit on what my dream studio space looks like! Because of course, it’s already designed in my head!

WeWork has quite possibly the coolest concept I have ever seen. They offer shared, dedicated, and common work spaces for creatives with locations all over the world! Yes world! (Why yes I would love to go get some TMD inspiration in Dubai!)

I’ve also wanted a public office space, but I’ve never been able to justify such a large investment especially since we only take limited number of weddings and projects per year. I certainly wouldn’t utilize the space full time which is why I couldn’t wrap my head (or bank account) around paying for a space full time. Enter WeWork! They offer on-demand workspaces and conference room so you can look oh-so-professional for those client meetings for a fraction of the cost of what a space would cost if you are out on your own somewhere.

That being said, here’s a a few snippets of what our current studio space looks like, which is also known as our sunroom in our home!

It’s always a good day when I get to spend some time with beautiful blooms!



Because it’s a sunroom, I have loads of natural light which is plain awesome! I get my best light before lunchtime!


I have multiple tables and shelving set-up for finished pieces to be placed. I happened to be prepping for a photo shoot in these images which is why there’s only two buckets of flowers! Normally I have anywhere from 10-20 5 gallon buckets filled with gorgeous blooms flooding the floor!


I also style all of my own Instagram images using a whiteboard and the app Pic-Tap-Go! Baby girl happened to be helping with some styling!



Now for those snippets of my dream space! I love the idea of being able to work from my home, especially with a little running around. I am praying one day to have a separate studio space detached from our home, but walking distance. So when I need to work I can essentially “leave” and not be distracted from normal household things.

A large open space with a kitchenette and a beautiful table and chairs towards the front of the space to meet with clients would be ideal. On the walls I would have large canvases of recent work and framed magazine covers from  various issues we have been blessed to be published in. There would be tons of large windows too!

I would love white walls or white brick so that all the natural light bounces everywhere filling the space with a breath of fresh air.

Moving to the space towards the middle area I would love a few hand-crafted work tables made of beautiful woods that are standing height for the hours that go into creating a wedding.

I would also love toward the back of the space to have loads of commercial shelving for inventory as well as a holding space for finished arrangements. In the back corner I would also love to have a walk-in cooler of sorts for those blooms that are a little higher maintenance and need to be kept cooler than room temperature!

Lastly, I would love to have a styling space large enough for a pretty table for sample showings, but also small scale styled shoots that I could set-up a ceremony installation or a fun tablescape.

So there it is! My current and dream studio spaces!

xoxo, Tamara