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Oh friends, what a joyful day it is. For years I have been blogging right here at under my floral design brandย  sharing all kinds of seemingly “random” topics. I have felt a disconnect with the posts and potential couples needing floral design services, but didn’t know what to do about it because I find so much joy in writing.

I began praying for a solution and asking the Lord to show me what He wanted. I know He’s given me a desire to write and own a blog, as well as a floral design business, but the two just didn’t seem to work together. So I began to pray for an intentional space to share what I felt led to write, and began researching how to do so. I’ve had numerous blog names come to mind over the last couple of years while praying for this new space, but none of them were “the right one.”

Then one day early this year, I was driving to Tomball to freelance for a flower friend (Hi Maggie!) and the Lord spoke “Light Filled Home” to me. I’m getting butterflies thinking of how monumental that moment felt. I was ecstatic, and grateful, and overzealous all at the same time. I called Kason and I’m sure talked a million words a minute! ๐Ÿ™‚

But then I waited. I waited intentionally to know deep in my soul this was for sure the Lord’s blog, not mine. I often get new ideas, only for them to fizzle out after a few days and lose the excitement. Only that didn’t happen this time. It was on my mind constantly, and I could feel the enemy almost immediately telling me lies that I couldn’t do it, I didn’t have time, I didn’t have the budget to create a new site and have it designed by a graphic designer. It just wasn’t possible.

I also heard someone say that sometimes God gives us things we ask for just so we can realize that we didn’t really want them. So again, I felt like perhaps maybe this wasn’t God’s will, and that He only gave this new blog name because He was tired of hearing me ask about it. So I put it on hold again. I felt discouraged. I felt like I was never going to figure this out.

Then I stumbled upon Melyssa Griffin, and listened to one of her webinars. I wrote off some of her advice she mentioned because I knew it didn’t apply to me, but I tried to begin to implement some other tips into blogging. Just a couple hours later everything changed. I woke Snow up from her nap, and walked outside on the front porch holding her. The Lord once again whispered an idea, one that fired me up to no end. I literally said to Kerrington, “oh my, mama has to go inside and write this down right this second!, oh my goodness, oh my goodness.”

Everything began to fall into place. Light Filled Home would be the perfect home for this new idea because my name wouldn’t be attached to it. The glory would be for the Lord. And Melissa Griffin would be the one to teach me how to accomplish said idea.

Yes, I’m being super vague right now about it, but hopefully soon I can share more with the Lord’s help and guidance and teamwork with Kason!

So what is Light Filled Home?

Light Filled Home Launch Day |

Light Filled Home is a Christian living blog that shares encouragement and tips to build a life giving home that reflects the Light of Jesus. So a home filled with The Light. Get it?! ๐Ÿ™‚

What does this mean for the Tamara Menges blog?! Well, it means that I will stay more up to date with sharing weddings and floral!

It also means that I will from time to share similar posts from Light Filled Home as they pertain to engagement and marriage because after all we encourage all of our couples that their wedding day is just the beginning, and we pray that each of our couples’ marriages are more beautiful than their weddings.

I will still share some personal posts when they are on my heart, but the majority will be more focused and on topic to weddings, marriage, and florals.

So there ya have it, the story of how Light Filled Home came to be! I would be so grateful if you would head over to Light Filled Home, and take a look around! There are some blog posts already over there, and I would love to gift you with 20 scripture cards that you can print out just by sharing your email with us! ๐Ÿ™‚

We also have a Pinterest and Instagram!

Happy October y’all!

xoxo, Tamara

Ps. Images by Ryan Price Photography

Light Filled Home Launch Day |