Oh mercy, am I excited to share this post with y’all! If you are coming from Instagram or Facebook then you already know this is not a pregnancy announcement, it’s just a fun book review of Mama Natural’s first book, The Mama Natural Week-by-Week Guide to Pregnancy and Childbirth.

If you know me personally or you have been following the blog since my pregnancy with Kerrington Snow then you know I am fairly naturally minded, bordering crunchy. Non-crunchy friends think I’m #totescrunchy, but from a crunchy perspective I’m not so much (I still use Degree deoderant and Colgate toothpaste, what?! I know. One of my goals for 2017 is cleaning up every product in our home, and those two are literally the last ones to convert to a natural product because I’m a stinkyness phobe.)

You also may remember I was fairly outspoken about how we loved our midwives and planned to give birth in a birth center. However, we now know that wasn’t ultimately God’s plan for our family. You can read our birth story part one and part two here and here. You may also remember I shared my experience with baby blues and fears about not being able to breastfeed given our start. But I hold on to the fact that God works out everything for those who love Him. We are 2 weeks shy of her second birthday and sweet girl is still hanging on, literally and figuratively. 🙂

While K and I aren’t quite ready for baby #2 just yet, I signed up to be part of Mama Natural’s “street team” (as she has deemed us) to help the spread the word about her new book because I am so encouraged by her mission to educate, empower, and entertain women during their pregnancies and help them ROCK their childbirths (no matter how they unfold).” – Genevieve Howland, Mama Natural

I first stumbled upon Mama Natural when we were planning to start trying for Kerrington Snow, and I instantly felt a connection. Perhaps it’s her witty and hysterical way she presented real tangible information that I was craving to learn. I laughed until I cried watching some of her YouTube videos, which by the way Mama Natural is YouTube’s #1 pregnancy channel! Get it Mama!

I remember pouring over the internet for all things natural and positive birth stories and what not to do and what to do while pregnant especially from a natural perspective, but ended learning the most from about two sites, and one of those was Mama Natural.  I read so much about labor and delivery that I forgot to learn what to do when baby came! I was so overcome with awe with what our bodies are capable of doing.

There is so much incredible information in this book that it honestly does not matter where you are in terms of a natural perspective. You can simply just want some great recipes and morning sickness remedies, you will still have a fantastic take away from reading!

From baby’s development, to changes in mama’s body, how to get rid of toxins in your home, natural remedies for pregnancy symptoms, truths about interventions during labor, natural pain relief, etc you will certainly find a lot of useful information that is evidence based, straight forward and flat out hilarious at the same time. I burst out laughing the other night that had K laughing at me because I couldn’t catch my breath or tell him why I was laughing so hard!

The book is broken down into weeks which are just a few pages each so it’s a non-overwhelming read that you could easily read at the start of your next week! Kind of like a coffee date with Mama Natural for each week milestone.

She also includes positive affirmations each week as well that you can read to yourself or aloud so you can begin to truly own the fact that your body is strong, perfect, and capable.

Genevieve’s belief that every woman should do what she feel most comfortable offers a neutral playing field in terms of a non-judgmental tone to try and guilt you into thinking you need to give birth with no epidural to be a “real” woman. She mentions multiple times do you what you feel works for you.

So there it is friends! Mama Natural’s amazing ground-breaking and first-of-it’s-kind pregnancy and childbirth book!

Guess what else, you don’t have to be pregnant to buy her book! You can buy one for a friend or family member who might be expecting! Either way it will be an exciting and useful gift or purchase (if it’s for yourself) that will keep you in the know with “all things baby” and laughing and encouraged at the same time.

Do yourself or a friend a favor and hop on over to Amazon and get your copy today!

P.S. How about a little give away! I’m giving away a copy to two lucky readers! All you have to do is comment on why you would like it or if it’s for a friend, why they would like it, and I will randomly select 2 winners on Monday, May 1!


Until next time, friends!

xoxo, Tamara