How to rock your neutral color palette for your wedding

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As much as I love color, I do love how formal, and also understated, a neutral color palette can be and feel. Words that we hear from a lot of our brides are timeless, classic, and elegant, and often those couples who give us those key words have a neutral color palette.

Here are a few tips to ensure your neutral color palette is anything but boring!
  1. Texture, texture, texture. There are so many ways to incorporate texture into your florals from varying greens and foliage, to utilizing different shapes and sizes into your bloom choice. Let’s also not forget the exclamation point to your bouquet, the ribbon you decide to use! Streamers are always a good choice and really the possibilities are endless for what you can tie around your bouquet. If you are a traditional bride and dream of a round rose bouquet, you can still incorporate gorgeous greens and trailing ribbons of silks, satins, lace, and even velvets. Texture is always a good idea.
  2. Dimension. I love to create bouquets with dimension. What I mean is not all the blooms are on the same level. Some are pulled out a bit, some are tucked in. This has honestly been something I have been working on. Looking back at old work, which is a joy to see how far I have come, I can see that looser I make the blooms the more interest there is. Dimension helps to keep them from looking too muddied together. Dimension allows each bloom to breath and be showcased on its own.
  3. Depth in colors. If I have a bride who wants a neutral color palette, I will often suggest adding in some tans and beiges, and sometimes greys along with varying greens. I feel it elevates what could potentially be same old, same old by adding in a color yes, but a neutral color. If a bride wants blushes and creams, I suggest bringing in a soft peach and sometimes soft coral if it fits their design aesthetic. One of my absolute favorite “beige” roses is called the quicksand rose!

Another way I love to add interest and a personal touch to bouquets are to add heirloom pieces which is another element that can work with any color palette. Lace from a mother’s wedding gown, a grandmother’s rosary, a special family handkerchief, and even a small white Bible are all examples of some legacy pieces we have incorporated into a bride’s bouquet.

When you hire a floral designer after looking at their work, you trust them, and you feel confident in their ability to bring your vision to life, then let them have it. Give (metaphorically) your floral over to them, and trust them. There are so many types of blooms and greens out their that aren’t “mainstream” like peonies and roses. So instead of limiting your florist, give them free reign, while still communicating your vision and preferences, you will be so excited with the end product!

Here are some of our favorite neutral bouquets we have done!

Until next time,

xoxo Tamara