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I’ve never been one to think of myself as fashionable. I do have days where I feel excited about my outfit, while also feeling put together because I put in a special effort on my hair and makeup. But, more often than not I revert to jeans and a tshirt because well #toddlermom. I do know though, that this is almost always an excuse.

With my word for the year being DELIGHT, I want to not only delight in the Lord, my husband and daughter, but also in myself through self-care and feeling “put together” more often than not.

Enter Staying Stylish by Candace Cameron Bure. I’ve always been a fan of Candace since I was a kid in the 90’s and grew up watching DJ Tanner on Full House. Now, I love her even more on Fuller House and of course all the Hallmark movies!

I saw her post about her new book on Instagram many months ago inviting her followers to apply to be on her “street team” to share the word about her new book and I immediately did so. I knew that Candace has a heart for the Lord so of course I wanted to help be part of her team to encourage others to buy it. (Full disclosure I did receive a copy of the book to review for free from Zondervan, but I would have bought it for myself regardless! I’m about to tell you why!)

Staying Stylish is over 200 pages, and I no joke read it in 2.25 sittings. (Hubby got home during my second time to read when I had less than 20 pages left, and I wanted to greet him well so I closed it!)

Candace’s book Staying Stylish is so much more than a “fashion” book with tips and trick that Candace has learned to help herself feel put together daily, but it truly embodies her heart and how she wants me and you (her readers!) to feel confident in our own skin too.

The first half is full of simple and doable tricks for dressing for everything from business to work, to fancy events, and even traveling. She even includes her favorite places to find certain pieces like jeans and tshirts.

There are so many quotable insights that Candace shares, but a favorite is, “Fashion isn’t about anyone else. It’s about yourself- what you feel beautiful wearing and what makes you most comfortable, which leads to confidence.”

Yes, that right there.

As women we are trained by our culture to compare ourselves to other women. “Oh wow that’s so cute, but I could never pull that off.” I’ve learned over the past several years that while I love dresses and heals, I’m not as comfortable in them as I am in jeans and a tshirt, or jeans and a blouse. Staying Stylish has helped me realize that I can still be super cute and “stylish” but finding the right pair of jeans and pairing it with a graphic tshirt (most of which all of mine are Christian related!) but also accessorizing with it. Just because I wear a tshirt doesn’t mean I can’t pay attention to my make-up and hair and find a cute necklace and earrings to add.

I’ve always had a small wardrobe, and just in the last year or so I have become increasingly aware of how and where my clothes are made. I’d rather have better quality clothing, preferably organic and fair trade, and have fewer pieces, than a closet full of clothes that were most likely made through child labor or poor working conditions.

As a Christian, I am often convicted in different areas that the Lord opens my eyes to. Recently it has been through clothing and make-up. I was excited to get to “part two” of her book where she includes skin care, makeup and hair care. She includes simple approaches to these areas and I’ve already started implementing some of her tips into my own routines!

Part three goes even deeper by including her favorite ways for nutrition, and strengthening her body and spirit. Candace mentions sometimes she only has 10 minutes to exercise and move her body, and I can identify with that. It’s not a full hour workout, but it’s still more than nothing. Using a shorter amount of time wisely is still far better way to honor my body. She includes images and instructions for a few key exercises to maximize the areas of the body each movement targets.

Lastly, she shares her need to fill herself up with the Holy Spirit through prayer and journaling, and also she includes more tips on self-care. We have SO much in common, I wish we could be friends in real life! Ha! I love how bold she is in sharing her faith and encouraging her readers to do the same. You can feel the Lord speaking through her words in every page, but especially in this section.

Friends, get Staying Stylish by Candace Cameron Bure. Have I convinced you yet?! It’s so good, an easy read, even easier to follow tips and tricks, and completely full of encouraging words that staying stylish goes much deeper than just the clothes we wear on the outside. It’s staying true to and honoring ourselves as the Lord wants us to.

Hop on over to Amazon, LifeWay or your favorite book store and order Candace’s book Staying Stylish!

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Disclaimer: As noted above, I did receive a copy of Staying Stylish to review by becoming a Zondervan Partner, but all the enthusiasm is my own and I whole-heartedly recommend this book to you, friend!