Hi Friends!

So we have had a lot of sweet, sweet comments on our baby girl’s name, Kerrington Snow. Several people love it originality, but we’ve also had a few hmm’s… I’ve had a lot of questions as to why and how we came up with her name so I’d thought I would share today!

PS. If you follow us on IG you know we had a big editorial photo shoot with the ladies of Southern Weddings, so we repurposed some blooms for some nursery art! Fun huh?


The name Kerrington comes simply because I’ve loved the name for a long time, except when I first heard it (a girl on So You Think You Can Dance had it!) it was spelled Carrington. However, K has always requested our kid’s names start with a K so we changed the spelling.

We originally had it spelled Karrington, but at our gender reveal party we wrote it out for the first time that way for our friend Janaye to hand-letter it on a canvas to reveal her name once we knew she was a girl! We didn’t care for it with the “a” so we changed to it’s permanent spelling of Kerrington. 🙂

Snow is my very favorite part of her name. Last year K and I read through the entire Bible, and we are actually reading it again since we were already in the habit, but we noticed how many times the Bible uses the word “snow”. There are also a few traditional hymns that are about Jesus’ blood washing us white as snow. (O The Blood of Jesus, in particular!)


So take this incredible reason for Snow, and add it to the fact that we love fairy tales and one of our favorite tv shows to watch is Once Upon A Time where Snow White is one of the main characters and you have the way we came up with Snow.

I remember when we first spoke Kerrington Snow into existence, not sure if it was K or me, but I’m fairly certain it was at that moment God changed my heart about wanting a baby. If you remember THIS POST you will remember that I mentioned telling K I wanted a “Kerrington Snow” and we began praying about when the right time was to start trying!

So there you have it, the story behind Kerrington Snow’s sweet as pie name. K calls her Snowflake, and I call her Snow a lot. So we plan for her to go by Kerrington, Snow for fun, or Kerrington Snow.

I just love her name SOO much I can’t wait to see what she looks like!

Until next time y’all!

xoxo, Tamara