Guess what! Write The Word Journals are back in stock over at Cultivate What Matters Shop! Yippee!

I have written about how I use my Write the Word Journal with y’all in multiple posts, but I wanted to share how YOU can use yours!

Here are the 3 ways to use your Write The Word Journal:

  1. Quiet Time: If you are a veteran to quiet time or new to the concept, the Cultivate What Matters Write The Word Journal is the perfect way to spend just a few minutes a day with the Lord. Quiet time can either be first thing in the morning, during a break at work, during naptime, or before bed. All of these times during the day are opportunities to get quiet, pray for focus on what God wants to teach you from His Word, and then listen and write down what He is showing you. If you are perhaps a new Christian or just new to setting aside quiet time, this journal is the perfect transition because there are just a few scriptures (sentences) with each entry. You are just simply rewriting God’s Word.
  2. Play Time: I used to be one to never attempt to read my Bible while I was playing with my little girl. I needed to focus and be quiet, but I have since realized that I get a lot of other opportunities to be quiet with the Lord. I also realized it is also really important that she see me in God’s Word. Reading, learning, and sharing with her. So it’s not a big deal if it isn’t quiet and all the things on your to-do list are not finished. Grab your Bible, your Write The Word Journal, a pen and sit in the floor with your babies balancing your journal on one knee, while your little crawls on your back, and your other knee is balancing “mama horsey” sitting at the Little People table eating some ice cream (not that that has ever happened to me!)
  3. Down Time: Write The Word Journals are the perfect size to keep in your purse, and since almost everyone has a smart phone so is a Bible (I use this Bible app.) If you are at the DMV waiting to renew your driver’s license (I really need to do this since we moved months ago!) or at the doctor’s office you can pull out your journal and spend time in the Word. I guarantee it will help you to keep your cool when you’ve been waiting a while! 🙂

Do any of these times during your day happen often? I would love to hear how you dig into God’s Word!

Happy Wednesday friends!

xoxo, Tamara

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