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Today I am sharing a few tips to planning your bachlorette party with Vegas.com. They are your go-to website for all things Las Vegas! You can book air, hotels, shows, and more all on their website!

If you know me personally you know I’m pretty conservative, like as in I’ve never even had alcohol nor do I even cuss.

What you may not know about me is that hubby and I actually got married in Vegas! At the Paris Las Vegas to be exact.  A week before he deployed to Iraq. (Which is hilarious both because of how conservative we are, but also that we own a wedding floral business! I don’t tell our brides it was the best money we ever spent!)

We’ve all heard the “last fling before the ring” and “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas,” but even though Las Vegas is nicknamed Sin City, there are a lot of things you can do to plan the perfect ladylike bachlorette party to bid a gracious farewell to being a single lady because “he’s gonna put a ring on it.”

I personally don’t feel as though bachlorette parties are the end of freedom as some do, but they should be a celebration of what’s to come and a season of life that is coming to a close.

Preparing for marriage should be in-depth and a joint effort between your groom and yourself (and hopefully the Lord!) but there’s also nothing wrong with letting your hair down with your closest girls to celebrate the transition to becoming united as one with your beloved.

I reached out to my friendor (friend + vendor) and former bride Mallory Jackson of Two Be Wed to get some insight into planning an awesome bachlorette party!

Since we’ve already discussed how conservative I am (you can read: suuuper boring if you want to!) my bachlorette party consisted of a few girlfriends at my apartment for a sleepover, a bottle of sparkling white grape juice, and lots of discussions about sex! 🙂 So, clearly I didn’t have any inside information about what makes a great bachlorette party awesome in the eyes of most. 🙂

Tip #1.

Plan for and chat with your girls about how long you would want to stay. A 3 day/2 night trip is a great length of time to make memories! Arrive early the first day, and book a later flight the third day to maximize your time in the city.

Here’s an idea of simple itinerary:

First day: After arriving and checking into the hotel, head down and relax by the pool, but be sure to head back to your room to get glammed up for a night out. Head out to a fun Vegas restaurant for dinner followed by one of the many shows that is available. There are so many great shows in Vegas! You can research and find a lot of great Las Vegas deals at Vegas.com. Something nostalgic sounds fun like Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears (umm… I wanna go, invite me along, pretty please!) or Michael Jackson. There’s also several Cirque shows, but be cautious that you pick one that you will be comfortable watching, some are more risque than others.

Second day: Head out for a swanky Vegas brunch at your hotel or at one of the bigger hotels in town, and then prepare to shop until you drop! Shopping is incredible in Vegas! Then head back to your hotel and hang out by the pool again to relax before hitting the town again in the evening.

Tip #2:

Don’t overschedule! Allow yourself some time to actually relax and hang out with your best girls! If you are a planner, like me, then “schedule” relaxing! LIke I mentioned above layout by the pool and get doted on by the hotel staff!

Tip #3:

Be present! You only get one bachlorette party so don’t stay buried in your phone scrolling through social media. Snap a few fun pictures together to preserve the memories you make, but then put your phone away. Don’t worry about giving your social media following a play by play of every hour in real time, share your favorite memories after you get back home! Memories aren’t made while your focused on updating everyone, they are made when you are spending time with those who will stand by your side and watch you become a Mrs.

So there ya have it, my top three tips to planning your bachlorette party and making it as memorable and intentional as possible! Be sure to pop on over to Vegas.com to book your next trip to Las Vegas!

xoxo, Tamara