Happy Tuesday!

You know those motivational sayings about being great, not being average, reaching for the stars and giving 200% to achieve your goals?

Part of me has been motivated to be “better” when I see these, but part of me is always thinks I’ll never live up to them, never be anything other than “ordinary”.

All this to say, did you know that Jesus calls ordinary people to be His hands and feet? With the 12 disciples He called one was shy, one who doubted, one who was a tax collector (one of the most looked down upon in that time) one who ended up betraying Him, to name just a few. He calls all of us from all walks of life to spread His good news.

The good news that He died for YOU and for me, specifically and individually. He knows how many hairs we have on each of or heads y’all! God’s love for us is permanent, no matter if you believe in Him or not, or refuse to believe He cares for you because He allowed something bad to happen in your life, whoever you are, wherever you are in this world, you are here for a reason and God has a purpose for your life.

So it’s ok to be ordinary, and I have new sense of contentment knowing that I am going to do great things in the name of Jesus for His glory simply by being me- ordinary.

Until next yall!

xoxo, Tamara