Hi Friends!

Today I am sharing a fun little tour of the Bay Area Birth Center in Pasadena, Texas which is where we are praying Kerrington Snow will make her debut! You may remember my post on why we chose to use a midwife, but if not you can read it HERE.

The midwives come to Beaumont twice a month to see all us prego mamas, but because I was so sick last week I missed mine, so I went to Pasadena to get caught up this week. I decided to take my camera and snap a few pictures so I can share a little tour, I’m just so excited!

To be honest when K and I knew in our hearts after prayer and research this was the right fit for us and for our pregnancy and birth, I was a bit hesitant and lacked confidence in telling people. I’m the worst with confrontation, and I get my feelings hurt really easy, plus everyone knows everyone has an opinion about pregnancy, birth, and parenting. Am I right? So I was worried I would be met with adversity.

Thankfully, almost everyone has been more than supportive, inquisitive, but supportive. My GYN and her nurse have been the only negativity we’ve encountered and they were more than willing to fill my head with doubts, which I kind of expected. However, the Lord is much much bigger than a few opinions. So I moved on. Now I love sharing my heart for our alternative route to bringing a baby into the world.

I have had a lot of questions like: Is it safe? What if something goes wrong? You have to drive how far? What’s it like?

All legitimate questions so here’s the quick answers. Yes, absolutely! There’s a hospital just a few short miles away. 1.5 hours. Awesome! How’s that for short and sweet answers?!

So just to elaborate a little bit on the last question, there is something so comforting about walking through their doors. The atmosphere, the exam rooms, birth rooms (especially since they just added two brand spankin’ new ones!), literally every space. It it the exact opposite of a hospital, but just as safe (I honestly feel its actually safer, but that’s a whole other post).

What I love the absolute most about our experience thus far is the level of support and service, for lack of a better word. Y’all, I have been sick multiple times through our pregnancy which has been very frustrating for me because I never get sick. I get a nasty cold once a year, but I’ve had two really bad ones so far, and prior to last week I hadn’t thrown up in over 8 years. However, each time I have had problems I have been able to text Mona Lisa, one of our sweet midwives, and have received immediate responses with solutions to alleviate issues, and then been checked on. Also, my appointments last as long as I need them to. My Tuesday one lasted an hour, and I still didn’t feel rushed. I’m never ushered into a room where I can only occupy a 10 minute time slot because they double booked. There’s a level of care that I’ve never experience before.

There’s an entire deeper level of true connection, a connection that I am so grateful to have with those who will help K and I deliver our baby. Did you catch that? It’s Kason and I who are birthing our baby, it’s not something that’s happening to me that someone else is doing. Kerrington and I will work together just as God created our bodies to do, and Kason will hopefully be able to “catch” her!

This is all a true walk in faith, honestly. Yes, we are realistic. Things could happen, I could go into labor before 37 weeks which would mean I would have to go to a hospital. Labor could not progress the way its supposed to. Snow’s heart rate could drop, etc. etc. etc. All very real reasons why we may not get the birth we are praying for.

However, all we can do is trust. Trust that our Lord, who knows us by name and loves us enough to send His Son to die for us, cares enough about us to not only put this desire in our hearts, but is also powerful enough to allow us to have a joyful and wonderful birth experience.

His plan is perfect, so while there’s a chance it may not include everything we are praying for, we choose to believe that it will. For His glory and His glory alone. Not by anything we have done, it will be by His mercy and His power. Period.

Now on to the tour, y’all wanna see pictures right?!


When you walk in the front door, you walk into the freshly updated waiting area


To the left, is an area where they have information galore and a little store of fun natural goodies for pregnancy and postpartum, then through that area is their office space.



Now on to the birthing area! This is the main birthing room, I just love how it turned out!



I love that these prompts were sitting on the counter!


In the case there is a second mama in labor at the same time, they have a second new birthing room.


Sweet bassinet for the new babies!


Lastly, I love that they share birth stories from each of their families. They truly celebrate each birth and each baby! They write each family’s info on this sweet dry erase board for each month, and also update their facebook page with fun stories!

Look at all those babies born just since January!

PS. I got permission to post this picture, I thought it was the perfect way to end this tour showing just a small picture of how much care and love they give their clients/patients!


Until next time friends!

xoxo, Tamara