If you’ve been around any amount of time, you know I love color! And this love of color also translate into Christmas decor as well.

This year my sweet friend Melissa of Melissa Darst Photography hosted mini sessions in front of our home. I wanted to do this last year, but thought of it way too late. So this year it was on.

I knew I wanted to create giant candies throughout so brainstormed and poured over Pinterest for inspiration.

I started off with the pool noodle lollipops.

I bought colorful pool noodles and striped them in white duck tape then rolled them up very tightly forming a lollipop. These were a LOT harder than all the tutorials showed online. I’m not sure if my glue gun was too hot or what, but they kept unrolling. I finally took floral wire after them! Rolled them up, held them with my legs while my arms wrapped floral wire to secure them! Ha! It was quite a sight!

Then I paper mache’d over them, let them dry and spray painted. Once they dried I wrapped them in clear cellophane like candy.

Next, I ordered some wooden gingerbread, candy canes and candies from The Red Rooster Woodworks here locally and they did so well with the colors!

I love how they turned out!

Due to my frustration with the previously mentioned pool noodle lollipops, I didn’t use as many as I had for lollipops so I wanted to do something else with them! So I made a giant candy necklace with them! I cut the pool noodles into small pieces then snipped off the hard edges to make them look like the candy pieces, then spray painted them in pastel colors and strung them together like a necklace.

After that I bought a bunch of solid colored bouncy balls and wrapped them in cellophane to look like gumdrops.

I bought 24″ PVC pipes from Lowes and spray painted them bright colors. After drying I striped them in white duck tape to look like peppermint sticks. And again wrapped them with cellophane!

Lastly, I found some small rounded bottom trash cans painted them coordinating colors and sprinkled white glitter over them so they resembled gumdrops!

To fill things out I bought several colors of 6″ solid colored mesh and cut strips, wired them together and ziptied in and around all of the candies to add more color and volume!

I absolutely love how it turned out!

What do you think?!