What a joy it is to finally share our beloved studio! I am SO grateful for our sweetest of sweet friends Rachel Driskell and her time for coming out to shoot all the pretty details of our studio!

Let’s get to it!

This studio is a space that I have prayed for for at least a decade.

When we first saw our home, we knew the detached carport would be a perfect future space for the TMD studio. You see for 11 years we did all of our weddings in our home! In our first home, we had a small sunroom that I would work in, but flowers still ended up all over our home. So when we moved into our current home I started saving. I knew I did not want to take a loan out to cover it so I saved for THREE years. Finally, it was time to get going on building!

We wanted the studio to look cohesive with our sweet little farmhouse, so we used the same siding that is on our home and painted it white as well. I love the aqua trim though to keep it “on brand”! 🙂

The space was a 2 car carport so it’s quite a good amount of space. I knew I wanted a space that I could use as a neutral backdrop for photoshoots so we went with a shiplap wall to give texture but keep it light and airy. Also behind that wall is currently a closet, but we hope to eventually turn that into a full bathroom!

I wanted a ton of natural light we installed 6 big windows, 1 set of french doors for the front, and a secondary door you can see in the corner. However, looking back I wish I made that a window instead of a door. If you follow us on Instagram you know we are having trouble with flooding when it rains really bad! Boo! But, hubby bought a sump pump and we are hoping to get that permanently installed soon now that we are out of wedding season!

I absolutely adore everything in this image! The cute vintage fridge that hubby surprised me with, the backsplash that I painstakingly scoured Etsy for different colored penny tiles and tile leaves and then replaced flower-shaped white penny tiles for the colorful ones to create a “floral tile” backsplash for the sink. Then the framed drawings are sketches I have done for various projects, the painting of a floral compote, and of course the floral piece that Snow drew for me. They are each a treasure and I love being able to see them!

This is the back wall and my favorite part is the mural “For His Glory.” I had a sweet friend Hillary of Joyful Type Co. draw this for me, then I used a projector to trace it, and then I painted it! The studio, TMD as a whole, our marriage, our daughter, everything is all because of and for the Lord. So it was my way to artistically express that!

I also love seeing some of our favorite images of hard work up on the wall as well! 🙂

On the left side of the studio is a cute sitting area. I love how it turned out. It’s feminine, colorful, and comfortable, and such a fun representation of our brand!

On the opposite across from the sitting area is our built-in! I am super proud of this! Hubby and I built this together by using two stock base cabinets from Lowe’s, then we cut down a piece of thick plywood for the top and built shelving to go sit on top. Neither of us is going to add “master craftsman” to our resume any time soon, but it was fun to build this together! It’s not perfect, but because neither of us is a perfectionist it made for a fun project together!

Also, if you are wondering what the products are we have a sister company called Light Filled Home, a Christian lifestyle company where we provide encouragement and tools to build a life-giving home that reflects the Light of Jesus! Our Bible studies and other family products are on those shelves!

Completing the 360-degree tour is the French doors that lead you into the studio! I did a faux-floral installation over the doorway and pinned up a whole bunch of thank you cards that I have collected from various couples and vendors! It is so special and helps me remember that what I do is a way of serving others on their special day!

And the best part of the studio?! Is having this sweet girl beside me. Experimenting, playing with flowers herself, asking to help, or just hanging out with me while I work!

So there ya have it! A full tour of our studio! I long awaited answered prayer friends! One that was worth the wait and worth saving for!

In Him,